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Utah FFA Annual Reports


2020 was the most interesting year for Utah FFA to date. We held our first ever virtual FFA State Convention and FFA State Career Development Events. It was a year with a lot of up and downs, and there were a lot of challenges, but there was also a lot of growth, and we're proud to say we made this year a success!


The theme for the year "REVIVE" was inspired by the State Officer Team's desire to come back better than ever before following a very challenging year during the pandemic. We are so proud to say that is just what we did! FFA members and Advisors have come together to adapt and make change in this ever-changing world we live in.


The 2022 theme "STRIVE" was chose by our State Officer team to encourage all of our members to strive for greatness, and we're proud to say that's exactly what this year resulted in. Not only did our members reach great heights this year, as a Foundation and an Association we truly embodied this theme.

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