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Advisory Board 

The Utah FFA Association Advisory Board meets quarterly to discuss and govern the well being of the Utah FFA Association members and FFA advisors. At least 1 year of meeting minutes will be posted online, but previous minutes may be obtained by contacting the Utah FFA Executive Director.

Utah FFA Advisory Board Members 2022-2023


Teacher Area Representatives:

Area 1: Tiffany Frank, Green Canyon, Email

Area 2: Colton Ingram, Roy, Email

Area 3: Ed Johnson, Grantsville, Email

Area 4: Colby Smith, Skyridge, Email

Area 5: Chaleesa Warren, Spanish Fork, Email

Area 6: Jim Freston, Roosevelt, Email

Area 7: Jon Burton, Mt. Nebo, Email

Area 8: Justin Thornley, Emery, Email

Area 9: Ben Hunter, Millard, Email

Area 10: McKayla Plewe, Cedar, Email


UAAE Representative:

Niccole Morfin, UAAE President, Email


CTE Director Representative:

Mark Anderson, CTE Director, Juab, North Sanpete & South Sanpete Districts, Email


Utah State University – ASTE Representative:

Dr. Michelle Burrows, Email


Utah FFA Association Representative:

Ky Cowley, President, Utah FFA Association, Email


State FFA Office Representatives:

McKena Wallentine, State FFA Executive Director, Email

William Deimler, State FFA Advisor, Email

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