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Conferences & Events

Utah FFA members have many opportunities throughout the year to attend diverse conferences and events. With top notch leadership training, it's no wonder that Utah FFA members shine among their peers!

All members participating in an official Utah FFA Association activity or event are required to sign the Utah FFA Code of Conduct form found here

Each July, the Utah FFA State Officer team prepares a leadership training for chapter officer teams throughout the state. Attendees learn their specific officer roles, chapter activity planning, team building, communication skills, and much more. Three conferences are offered in the Southern, Central, and Northern parts of the state, making it easy for all chapters to attend!

In October nearly 63,000 FFA members and guests from across the country participate in general sessions, competitive events, educational tours, leadership workshops, an expo and shopping mall, volunteer activities and more. It is one of the largest annual student conventions in the world.

The National FFA Expo is the only Agricultural, Food Science and Natural Resource Education Show that brings you 47,000 high school students and 4,000 agriculture teachers, all in one place, and all in just three days! No other event can deliver the future buying power of our more than 650,000 National FFA members, advisors and guests.

We are looking forward to providing this training for Area leaders! Students will have conference and workshop facilitation modeled for them on top of fundamental leadership skills! They will leave this conference prepared to take the next steps in facilitating Area Leadership Conferences. 

Each March, nearly 2,000 Utah FFA members and guests join together to participate in general sessions, competitive events, educational and agriculture tours, volunteer service projects, and leadership workshops. The Utah FFA State Convention proudly recognizes members, advisors, and supporters for their hard work and dedication to the Utah FFA Association. 

Each September thousands of attendees visit the Utah State Fair. Utah FFA members are showcased in several ways as they show off their crops, mechanics projects, and Jr. Livestock animals.  

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