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Chapter & State Guides

Your quick go-to guides for running a successful agricultural education program.

All members participating in an official Utah FFA Association activity or event are required to sign this form. 

Utah FFA Membership Report

The annual CTSO Membership Report reports the number of FFA members per chapter and district, as is reported in June of the reporting year. 

The National FFA Annual Report is a critical piece in telling the FFA story. Your participation in this report is the most accurate way National FFA gathers can tell our story here in Utah! Click on the blue button above for step-by-step directions in filling this report out. 

2016-17 Annual Report

2017-18 Annual Report

2018-19 Annual Report

2019-20 Annual Report

2020-21 Annual Report


A downloadable directory of all Utah FFA Advisors and Ag Teachers. This directory may not be used for any commercial purpose. 

The Utah FFA Association is divided  into 10 geographical areas. This document lists each of the 10 areas, along with their Area Contest date and location, as well as Area leadership.

The Utah FFA Association Advisory Board is comprised of  16 individuals representing all 10 Utah FFA Areas, the Utah FFA State Officer team, Utah State University, Utah CTE, and UAAE.

A downloadable directory of all Utah FFA Chapter ID Numbers. 

Policies & Processes

The Utah FFA Association official State Constitution

Download the must current version of the Utah FFA Chapter Guide to State Activities. Procedures, guidelines, rules, award descriptions, and more.

Membership deadlines and roster help and how-to guides can be found here!

Review Utah FFA's Abuse Prevention & Reporting policies. 

Screening Certification Form

Membership deadlines and roster help and how-to guides can be found here!

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