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How YOU Can Help FFA Members: 

Financial support to Utah FFA members through the Foundation is received from individuals, organizations, businesses and corporations. Donations are accepted as general contributions, special projects, and scholarships. Special funding campaigns may also be conducted, and bequests may be made to leave a lasting legacy benefiting Utah FFA programs.

Invest in the development of young leaders and the future of Utah agriculture with your contribution to the Utah FFA Foundation today!

The Foundation fiscal year is January 1 through December 31. Membership is recognized in the fiscal year during which a contribution is made. Contributions are made known to FFA members and their parents, agricultural educators, other Foundation contributors and friends of the FFA.

General Donations

General donations received from Agricultural Education supporters are invested for FFA leadership, chapter and individual awards, career and leadership development events and to support the growth and operation of the Utah FFA Foundation.

Levels of Giving 

Interested in becoming a sponsor? To view our sponsorship levels click the button below. 

Special Project & Event Sponsorship

Sponsorships are a great way to support an important cause while promoting your message to Utah FFA. The available programs and events for sponsorships can be found by emailing the Executive Director of the Utah FFA Foundation.

For More Information or Questions:

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